Beyond Salem

Beyond Salem: Fallen Angels

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Beyond Salem

Title: Fallen Angels
Label: CD Baby

Light the candles, dim the lights, channel The Exorcist and hold your loved one tight! Beyond Salem is a dark haunted rock project with crunching rock riffs, ambient keyboards & intense acoustic songs. Influences include Danzig, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails 'Ghosts' & Twin Peaks. Beyond Salem is an artist that can rock with the best of them and also go for the kill in the bittersweet department. Based out of Toronto, Canada, the music of Beyond Salem has been been described as a complex masterwork, metal riffage and perfect for intense horror movie soundtracks. A soundtrack to your nightmare and dreams. Some reviews of Beyond Salem: GOTHIC BEAUTY - 'Overall the guitar work, live impressions and deep chocolatey vocals make this an enjoyable audition worth repeating during various moods' OUTBURN - ' Excellent quality and captivating song structures' LEGENDS MAGAZINE - 'This artist can rock with the best of them while also going for the kill in the bittersweet and mournful dept.' ONTARIO METAL PAGES - 'A complex masterwork' TOMBSTONE - 'An intersting sound if you are open minded' DARK VELVET - 'Clearly Beyond Salem are taking gothic metal to another extreme- gothic metal has never sounded better' EFFIGY MAGAZINE - 'Beyond Salem has created a unique sound of their own - 'I was immediatly impressed with Beyond Salem' DARKER THEN THE BAT - 'Beyond Salem create a special atmposphere - we hope to hear more of this band in the future'

1.1 In the Beginning
1.2 The Grave Digger
1.3 Secrets
1.4 Golgotha (The Place of the Skull)
1.5 Eighteen/American Pie
1.6 Coming Home (Back from the I-Raq War)
1.7 Walk on By
1.8 I'm in Love
1.9 How the Gods Kill
1.10 Salome's Dance
1.11 Love Me Like I Love You
1.12 The River
1.13 Hotel Hell
1.14 Night After Night (Acoustic)
1.15 Night After Night (Electric)
1.16 Hell ; Heaven
1.17 Revelations (A New World Order)

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