Bible Storysong Singers

Bible Storysong Singers: Creation Vol. 2: God Made Me Wonderfully!

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Product Type: CD

Title: Creation Vol. 2: God Made Me Wonderfully!
Label: CD Baby

Christian children's songs to great tunes: classical, country, folk, original.

1.1 Wonderf'lly!
1.2 The Lord God Almighty Has Purposed
1.3 God Commanded
1.4 Heaven's for Earth
1.5 Stand Still!
1.6 I'm Gonna Praise God
1.7 My God, He Really Cares for Us
1.8 We're 93 Million Miles from
1.9 Where Were You?
1.10 Eye, Eye, Eye, Eye!
1.11 God Said Let the Earth
1.12 Look at All the Flowers
1.13 Corn (Maize), Wheat and Rice, Potatoes
1.14 The Atmosphere
1.15 In the Beginning God Created
1.16 Cows Have Calves
1.17 I Am So Glad That God Made My Skin
1.18 The Sun and Moon Didn't Just Happen
1.19 If You Were the One Who Designed Your Face
1.20 I Am Awesomely Made!

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