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Bible Truth Kids: Bible Songs for Kids #2

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Product Type: CD

Title: Bible Songs for Kids #2
Label: CD Baby

This second installment of our exciting series for children features the Christmas story from Luke 2, and great songs on God's Word and God's Peace! This CD is the perfect gift for your children, grandchildren, and anyone who wants to learn the Scriptures. This CD is also a great resource for your Children's Ministry!

1.1 Trust in the Lord
1.2 I Am Not Ashamed
1.3 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
1.4 Call Unto Me
1.5 For Whatsoever Is Born of God
1.6 Humble Yourselves
1.7 Love One Another
1.8 In the Beginning Was the Word
1.9 Let Us Hear the Conclusion
1.10 No Room in the Inn
1.11 Fear Not
1.12 Glory to God in the Highest
1.13 They Came with Haste
1.14 Glorifying and Praising God
1.15 Thy Word Is a Lamp
1.16 Thy Word Have I Hid
1.17 The Lord Is Good
1.18 Ah, Lord God!
1.19 Taste and See
1.20 O Praise the Lord
1.21 Praise Ye the Lord
1.22 I Will Praise the Name of God
1.23 Peace I Leave with You
1.24 The Peace of God
1.25 Let the Peace of God Rule

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