Big B & His Snakeoil Saviors

Big B & His Snakeoil Saviors: Big B & His Snakeoil Saviors

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Product Type: CD

Title: Big B & His Snakeoil Saviors
Label: CD Baby

Western Swing...Hot off the Griddle. Anyone who's hungry for a heaping plateful of country-fried swing and cowboy jive can stop looking now because the dinner bell just rung! Patsy Cline meets Louis Jordan, Bob Wills and Ella Mae Morse when Big B and His Snakeoil Saviors hit the stage. Assembled from the finest ingredients around, this 8 piece band is served with a side of extra hot sauce--guaranteed to make you dance until you cry. Featuring a hard-swinging rhythm section, a working-mans' horn section, boogie woogie piano, pedal steel legend David Phillips, as well as chanteuse Adrienne Pfeiffer and the yodeler-in-chief Big B, they are captivating audiences on the west coast. There's enough to go around so come on and get yourself a hot plate of uptown or downtown cowboy soul!

1.1 Cadillac Lane
1.2 Tennessee Saturday Night
1.3 Three Cigarettes in An Ashtray
1.4 I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water
1.5 The Wayward Wind
1.6 I Love You Honey
1.7 Abilene

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