Big Marge

Big Marge: Big Marge

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Artist: Big Marge

Artist: Big Marge
Title: Big Marge

In early 2011 a few fellas by the names of Floyd Hendrickson, Anthony Adams, and Mark Sanford decided to bring back that 'good ol' Rock n Roll' sound. They started by searching for the necessary pieces. First finding Chambersburg, PA's Andy Richards to slap the bass. Then on to Newburg, PA's Aaron Pyne to put front and center. Then they found the missing piece of their variegating puzzle. A few weeks later, cloaked in the back alleys of Shippensburg, PA. A man named Ray Cressler was approached and asked to consider joining this new band called 'Big Marge'. Ray then came aboard to tickle the ivories and work the mouth harp. All are now under complete control of one entity whom shall forever remain nameless..

1.1 Dead Man Walkin
1.2 Someday
1.3 The Howling
1.4 Mean As Hell
1.5 White Lightning
1.6 Devil Don't Love Me

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