Biga Ranx

Biga Ranx: Good Morning Midnight

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Artist: Biga Ranx

Artist: Biga Ranx
Title: Good Morning Midnight
Product Type: VINYL LP

Good Morning Midnight is the second studio album of French MC Biga*Ranx. 20 surprising songs from the artistic melting pot of Biga*Ranx. The proof is with "Buck A Shot" which transports you directly to Colombia, or "Bad To The Bone" with reggae-trap influences. However the reggae soul is still present on the entire record, as evidenced by "Boogie Man Skank" or "Confession". For the composition he used different talented beat-makers like England's Vibronics or Danish producers Maffi. The French scene is also well represented by Manudigital, Tom Fire, Atili Bandalero, or Barbés.D. Also features Potential Kid.

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