Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson: Definitive Collection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bill Anderson

Title: Definitive Collection
Label: Universal UK

1.1 That's What It's Like to Be Lonesome
1.2 The Tip of My Fingers
1.3 Walk Out Backwards
1.4 Po' Folks
1.5 Mama Sang a Song
1.6 Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands
1.7 Happiness
1.8 Still
1.9 8 X 10
1.10 Five Little Fingers
1.11 Three A.M
1.12 Me
1.13 Easy Come Easy Go
1.14 Bright Lights and Country Music
1.15 Certain
1.16 Golden Guitar
1.17 I Love You Drops
1.18 I Get the Fever
1.19 Get While the Gettin's Good
1.20 No Ones Gonna Hurt You Anymore
1.21 For Loving You
1.22 Wild Week End
1.23 Happy State of Mind
1.24 My Life (Throw It Away If You Want to)
1.25 But You Know I Love You
2.1 If It's All the Same to You
2.2 Love Is a Sometime Thing [Live at the Barn] [Live]
2.3 Where Have All Our Heroes Gone
2.4 Someday We'll Be Together
2.5 Always Remember
2.6 Quits
2.7 Dis-Satisfied
2.8 Come Sundown
2.9 All the Lonely Women the World
2.10 Don't She Look Good
2.11 If You Can Live with It (I Can Live Without It)
2.12 The Corner of My Life
2.13 World of Make Believe
2.14 Every Time I Turn the Radio on
2.15 Can I Come Home to You
2.16 I Still Feel the Same About You
2.17 Sometimes
2.18 Liars One, Believers Zero
2.19 Peanuts ; Diamonds
2.20 That's What Made Me Love You
2.21 Still the One
2.22 Head to Toe
2.23 I Can't Wait Any Longer
2.24 Smooth Southern Highway
2.25 Three Times a Lady

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