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Bill Davis: Little Bit Crazy

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Artist: Bill Davis

Title: Little Bit Crazy
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History, Lyrics, & stuff I first came to the Reston Folk Club in the summer of 1986 it was meeting at the Red Caboose. Being dirt poor at the time I nursed a cup of coffee for the entire evening while listening to some of my favorite music, A lot of that music I heard that night was songs that I played myself and so I was a little worried that I if I got up and played I would choose a song that somebody else already did probably better than I would. I decided that when I performed I would do songs that were either very obscure or that I wrote myself. At that time I had written a total of one song (Aerobatic Pilot) The next week I discovered that the Red Caboose had thrown the Folk Club out (I felt a little guilty about the one cup of coffee) They were now meeting at the Party room of Jonathan's Keep. So that's where I started performing and it was the performing that triggered the writing. There was an audience who actually listened. I was addicted. In the next two years I wrote & performed over thirty of my own songs and in 1888 & 1989 with the aid of Larry Mediate recorded this album in his basement using his new Tascam 4-track tape recorder. Dave Hurd was the Folk Club's computer guru and designed the insert for the cassettes and Harold Learned took a cover photo of the bearded Folk Wonder with his 12 string Terada out at Great Falls C&O Canal. Over the next few months I would make ten or twenty cassettes at a time and sell them to anyone I could at six bucks a copy. Feed a starving folk singer buy my tape! The folk process dictates that everything changes and over the years performing these and many other songs lyrics get changed and adapted so the lyrics I include below probably don't match exactly what was on that tape. You can hear versions of Aerobatic Pilot, Little Bit Crazy, Night Freight & Sour Grapes on The CD "Bill Davis - Live at the Avalon Folk Festival" and Several other of my songs (including Sour Grapes, Hush Hush, Dolphin, & Walter The Bug) can be heard On "Somos el Mar" & (Elevator, & Cecil The Snake on "We are the Sea" recorded with Pat Chen. This CD is a digitized and de-hissed version of the original tape. Technology has made great progress in the last few years but some things never change: Please feed a starving folk singer buy this CD! The Lyrics: Nervous - Yes most folks are, they get over it, mostly, applause helps, and practice. Look at your audience and imagine them sitting there stark naked. (May 1987) NERVOUS - Bill Davis I forgot the words, But the tune went something like this, If I can find the key, dum, dum,dum, dum, and tune up, la, la, la, la, and not be nervous: Hello... How you doing? I want to sing you a song, But I'm nervous... Am I in tune? I hope that it doesn't take long. Please sing on the chorus if you know the words, Harmonize above and below, If my voice doesn't crack and I don't sound absurd, I might live through the night, don't you know? This is a song that I wrote myself, The tune it came out of thin air, I don't sing to well but I hope that you like it, I feel like I'm standing here bare. What the hell, I don't care, You all have paid the price of admission, It's my song and I sing it you can stand there and stare, I sing it and you all can listen. Now when this song's over and I'm sitting down, And you're thinking you'll now criticize. Applaud like it was great! Bring the house down, I don't care if all of it's lies. Clap your Hands! I don't care if all of it's lies. Make it loud! I don't care if all of it's lies. Applause! Applause! Applause! Standing Ovation .. Bravo.. Encore.. Applause! AEROBATIC PILOT - Bill Davis This song was written after my first aerobatic contest and sung for the group - the next year they made me president. The lyrics and chords were published in February 82 Sport Aerobatics. Humtybumps, rolling turns, etc. Are all aerobatic maneuvers. The I.A.C. is the International Aerobatic Club. (May 1980)(Another Version is on Bare Facts) He's a red hot sure shot aerobatic pilot, he's a member of the I.A.C. He's a red hot sure shot aerobatic pilot, his flying' is wild and free He can do a loop-de-loop, a roll, or a spin and when he's flying' Up-side-down they say, "Look at him!". He's a red hot sure shot aerobatic pilot, he's a member of the I.A.C. Batman, Robin, Superman, and Spiderman are heroes that everybody knows. Hey look up in the sky here's one who can fly. You can tell him by the cut of his clothes. He's got a red jacket with ten-thousand patches - It'll keep him warm from here to Alaska. He's a right stuff sure 'nough aerobatic pilot, he's a member of the I.A.C. He does an Inside-outside-triple-convoluted-anti-counter-clockwise-whifferdil. Which the judges say is worth three hundred "K" and to watch it is a real thrill. His hammerheads and rolling turns they look really grand. But we all know the hardest part is when he tries to land, 'Cause He's a red hot sure shot aerobatic pilot, he's a member of the I.A.C. On the ground he's reknown for his very profound ability to throw the bull. Ain't a thing in the sky that he ain't tried, if it's done with a push or a pull. He talks with a drawl and he walks with a limp. Says: "Once I tried to Hump-de-bump a Goodyear Blimp. And I'm a right stuff sure 'nuff aerobatic pilot, I'm a member of the I.A.C." Roll around, roll around, roll around the sky. Loop-de-loop and hammerhead and watch that sucker fly. He's got two hundred sixty (360, 450, 5050) horses out in front. Just to help him do a better hump-de-bump. SOUR GRAPES - Bill Davis It's a shame that the little things seem to get between folks. Other versions of this song are on "Bare Facts" and "Somos el Mar" (Nov. 1986) Annie's avocation's advocating avocados With vegetables she's never ever nervous She gets humorous with numerous lugubrious blue tubers Talks with them and tells them all the rumors Annie sings the praises of carrots, corn, and maize, Coconuts and lettuce yams and peas, On roots and beets and radishes her loving care she lavishes, She doesn't care a single fig for me. With her it doesn't matter you say potato or po-tah-to. Tomato or tom-ah-to both will do, But, if for any meat you call, You'll get no respect at all, Even if you close your mouth each time you chew. When at supper I've a craving for a sizable filet, Or a sirloin, or a T-bone, or a burger! I get cottage cheese and bean-sprouts, and other stuff I'd throw out. Us carnivores like to eat stuff that we murder! "Love animals don't eat them," She says with smile so sweet, I say, "Do you realize what that stuff grows in?" She says, "Surely bran and Lima beans are good for you to eat." And I say something like, "Yeah, If they're not poison." So we went our separate ways, to diet as we wishes, But I often ask my self just why and wonder, Romance went to pieces over what was on the dishes, I lost my love to a big bright green cucumber. CYCLE PATH - Bill Davis This was written for the Reston Cycle Club after I rode a century ride (100 miles) in 1986. The Washington and Old Dominion Railroad has been turned into a beautiful bike path which I felt deserved a song. (September 1986) On the Washington and Old Dominion Railway Line we ride our ten speed bikes, From Arlington to Leesburg our bikes is what we likes, With spokes a flashing we look so dashing in our special cycling suits, Steadily a pedaling we ride upon the bed again and go home for a toot. Riding on a bicycle is really very (nice it will) beat jogging on a track. On velocipedes two tired, you can ride till your too tired, and then try to ride back. If you fit upon your seat you'll be fit within a week, if you don't your seat will hurt. You'll be particular good looking', while your riding or you're cooking, in a new bike club tee shirt. My cycle tubes are groovy, brakes and pedals tires and tu-bees, and curly handlebars, Chains and gears and toe clip pedals, made of several rare earth metals, and a horn to warn off cars. I got a sterling silver shifter

1.1 Nervous
1.2 Aerobatic Pilot
1.3 Sour Grapes
1.4 Cycle Path
1.5 Night Freight
1.6 Lil Bit Crazy
1.7 Ballad of the Break of Dawn
1.8 Nasty
1.9 Committee
1.10 Hazyman Crazyman Lover
1.11 Artists

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