Bill Dickson

Bill Dickson: In Our World

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bill Dickson

Title: In Our World
Label: CD Baby

Diamond hard vocals with driving guitar lines weaving through well crafted uplifting songs. A celebration of life and living. Lyrics are real and inspiring. Singer/Songwriter Bill Dickson draws on influences from Sting, R.E.M., U2, and Crowded House - To name a few - Music has been likened to The Lemonheads, Lowen & Navarro, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. In the February 1999 issue of Fatfingers Music and Entertainment Guide, Shawn Reynolds writes, in his review of the CD, 'It's a great sound with lots of good rhythm acoustic, making it impossible not to sing along. I can't understand why songs like 'The Letter', 'Our World', and 'Minutia' do not get constant airplay. Solid songwriting doesn't get any more solid that this.'

1.1 The Letter
1.2 Minutia
1.3 Givin' in
1.4 Our World
1.5 Fossils (What Does It Matter)
1.6 Quirky Like That
1.7 Seven
1.8 Companion
1.9 Reason
1.10 Cruisin'

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