Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell: Adramelech: Book of Angels 22

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Artist: Bill Frisell

Artist: Bill Frisell
Title: Adramelech: Book of Angels 22

Zion80 is the brainchild of guitarist Jon Madof, a wildly popular project that seamlessly blends the Afro-pop stylings of the legendary Fela Kuti with the Jewish tradition. Featuring an exciting 11-piece all-star band, Madof masterfully blends horns, guitars, keyboards and percussion, mixing the polyrhythmic intensity of Afrobeat with the freewheeling madness of the Downtown scene. A one of a kind ascent into the unknown, Madof's creative arrangements of 8 tunes from Zorn's 'Book of Angels' are spiritual and endlessly exciting.

1.1 Araziel
1.2 Sheviel
1.3 Metatron
1.4 Shamdan
1.5 Kenunit
1.6 Caila
1.7 Lelahiah
1.8 Nehinah

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