Bill Haley: Early Years 1947-1951

Bill Haley: Early Years 1947-1951
Title: Early Years 1947-1951
Label: JSP Records

The earliest stuff by one of the earliest stars of rock 'n' roll! Here's the music Haley made before he made history; you can hear him transform from cowboy-song singer to rocker as you hear Candy Kisses; Tennessee Border; I'm Not to Blame; Deal Me a Hand; Behind the Eight Ball; Rocket 88; Green Tree Boogie; Pretty Baby; Rock the Joint; Icy Heart; Live It Up, and more. As a bonus, you'll hear the Ray Whitley songs Bill sang plus the cowboy crooner's original versions. 53 tracks!

1.1 Too Many Parties, Too Many Pals
1.2 Four Leave Clover Blues
1.3 Candy Kisses
1.4 Tennessee Border
1.5 Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along, the
1.6 Yodel Your Blues Away
1.7 Behind the Eight Ball
1.8 Foolish Questions
1.9 Deal Me a Hand
1.10 Ten Gallon Stetson
1.11 Susan Van Dusen
1.12 I'm Not to Blame
1.13 Loveless Blues
1.14 Stand Up and Be Counted
1.15 I'm Gonna Dry Every Tear with a Kiss
1.16 Why Do I Cry Over You
1.17 My Sweet Little Girl from Nevada
1.18 My Palomino and I
1.19 Rocket 88
1.20 Tearstains on My Heart
1.21 Down Deep in My Heart
1.22 Green Tree Boogie
1.23 I'm Crying
1.24 Pretty Baby
1.25 Ten Gallon Stetson
1.26 Why Do I Cry Over You
2.1 Year Ago This Christmas, a
2.2 I Don't Want to Be Alone This Christmas
2.3 Juke Box Cannonball
2.4 Sundown Boogie
2.5 Rock the Joint
2.6 Icy Heart
2.7 Dance with a Dolly
2.8 Rocking Chair on the Moon
2.9 I'm Lonesome
2.10 Sweet Bunch of Roses, a
2.11 Please Make Up Your Fickle Mind
2.12 My Heart Tells Me (I'm in Love with You)
2.13 Stop Beatin' Around the Mulberry Bush
2.14 Real Rock Drive
2.15 Crazy Man, Crazy
2.16 Whatcha Gonna Do
2.17 Pat-A-Cake
2.18 Fractured
2.19 Live It Up
2.20 Farewell, So Long, Goodbye
2.21 I'll Be True
2.22 Ten Little Indians
2.23 Yes Indeed
2.24 Chatanooga Choo Choo
2.25 Straight Jacket
2.26 Jukebox Cannonball
2.27 Within This Broken Heart of Mine

Bill Haley: Early Years 1947-1951

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