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Bill Kahler: Wild Blue

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bill Kahler

Title: Wild Blue
Label: CD Baby

Wild Blue album notes: Wild Blue features 13 songs (and hidden track #14, half a minute of studio silliness, ('we were having a great time, you know?') Twelve songs were written by Bill, one by John Hiatt and one is by Mentor Williams-Drift Away-'Gimme the beat boys and free my soul. . . .' (PLease note the cover songs and hidden track are not listed on the track listing because of digital distribution details, but they are on the actual CD.) Even though this is a self produced album, the quality is first rate, with a bunch of pros involved - 24 track recording mastered in L.A. by Dave Mitchell who's worked with Sting, Leon Russell, Weather Report, Rick Derringer and Alice Cooper to name a few. The musicians are all pro session players and good friends of Bill's. Barry Thrasher made mention of 'getting together to play music reminds me of when we were kids and we'd go over each other's houses and build tree forts or ride bikes through the woods.' Making the recordings was great fun and the vibe can be felt when you listen to the record. Scott Meeder-drums and percussion (session player in the Atlanta area) Joel Morris-drums (studio and session guy, has his own studio as well....) Alison Prestwood-bass (, played with Shawn Colvin, Rodney Crowell, tons of Nashville session work....) Barry Thrasher,-guitar and mandolin (really hot guitar player, very tastey stuff) Rich Ianucci-B-3 (know his way around a Hammond) Caroline Aiken, Matthew Kahler, Rachel Kihn, Sheri Kling, Maureen Lang- vocals, (what a great line up for vocals!) Pat Severs-dobro (another Nashville cat) Gwen Watson-cello on Life Goes On Mike Barry-flugelhorn on American Dream Bill Kahler-vocals, guitar, keyboards, saxes, accordion, production and recording The songs: 1. Ship of Gold . . . uses the phrase 'ship of gold' to talk about dreams, love, and heaven, and the phrase came from spotting a title in the bookstore, 'ship of gold on a deep blue sea,' which later became 'an endless emerald sea.' 2. Wild Blue . . . has many layers, but at first listen may sound simple. It conveys the feeling of wanting to get away from it all, but knowing you'll come right back, maybe not talk about it. 'Dream new dreams, catch the world by the tail.' 3. Life Is On the Wire . . . is a cool story about a neurotic tight rope walker named Karl, who's a bit nervous because of a love pursuit being made by Rosa, who's a fortune teller. Karl's a bit afraid of heights-under the lights, but also the heights of giving in to love. 4. Amelia . . . Earhart, that is. She wanted to fly and never come down-maybe she did. 5. Nearest Faraway Place . . . Sometimes you can get away from it all with the one you love and not even leave home. . . maybe the mountain is a metaphor. 6. Back to the Woods . . . . tongue firmly planted in cheek song about being so totally sick of the city, you lose it entirely-but not in a dangerous way, just a howl-at-the-moon kind of way. (. . . I need a neighborless hood, I'm goin' back to the woods.) 7. All the Broken Hearts In the World . . . is a mid tempo rock cut in the style of The Beatles or Squeeze with some cool harmonic structure and harmony vocals, 12 string electric guitar, Hammond B3 organ, and it suggests things will turn around eventually even though it's been six months since the breakup and the person being sung to doesn't feel so good. 8. Through Your Hands . . . one of Bill's favorite Hiatt songs with lines that inspire songwriters to try harder like: 'You were dreaming on a park bench about a broad highway somewhere, when the music from the carillon seemed to hurl your heart out there, past the scientific darkens, past the fireflies that float. . . ' Sheesh! 9. Life Goes On . . . was inspired by Garrison Keilor on the Prairie Home Companion radio show saying 'Life goes on, thank God life goes on,' in reference to things getting back to 'normal' in New York sometime after September 11. The song is not directly about 9/11, but a fireman in a small town getting through his own tragedy. 10. American Dream . . . is the story of a couple from Viet Nam with big plans for a life we all take for granted- here in the U.S. 11. A Place in My Heart . . .ever think about how you never get your home town out of your blood, no matter how far away you move or how many years go by? Do you get that feeling, whatever that feeling is when you go back to visit? 12. Long Time No See . . . 'even though your love was sittin' right in front of me'. . . . 'So we're standin' at the edge of Lover's Leap and you're thinkin' 'bout givin' me a shove. . . .' 13. Drift Away . . .an original treatment of a great sing along summer kind of song.

1.1 Ship of Gold
1.2 Wild Blue
1.3 Life Is on the Wire
1.4 Amelia
1.5 Nearest Faraway Place
1.6 Back to the Woods
1.7 All the Broken Hearts in the World
1.8 Life Goes on
1.9 American Dream
1.10 A Place in My Heart
1.11 Long Time No See

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