Bill Spece

Bill Spece: Peacescapes

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Artist: Bill Spece

Artist: Bill Spece
Title: Peacescapes

1. Winter Storm -Storms don't always rage loud and violent. Some can quietly overtake without a sound. Jesus, however, always has the power to keep us under His wing. 2. Winter- At times life is cold and uneventful, but rest assured that The Father is constantly moving you toward Spring. 3. HE Cares- Only One knows you inside and out. And despite your flaws and imperfections, all creation is geared toward your provision and salvation. 4. Rainbow - A promise of God we can actually see from time to time. Numerous are His promises we can't see... but we know they are there. This is called Faith. 5. Only God Knows- His infinite wisdom is impossible to fathom. We don't need to know all the answers... we need only to know The One Who does. 6. Hope- At the end of the road, in the midst of a storm, when all seems lost... Hope is the shadow cast from our Savior's presence. 7. His Coulours- All of creation radiates millions and millions of colors... but all of our debts have been paid by only one, Red. 8. Morning Lites- The stars and heavens are but a glimpse of the mind of God. 9. His Love Never Stops- The Creator of eternity and Love... both of which never end. 10. Wind- Unseen, yet so powerful. So it is true with our Lord. 11. Patience- God always has perfect timing. He is never too late or too early. Waiting on Him always benefits His Master Plan for our lives and His Kingdom. 12. Worthless Worries- If there is a storm He can calm it, if we are sick He can heal us and even if we die He can resurrect us.... So, what is it that you are worried about?

1.1 Winter Storm
1.2 Winter
1.3 He Cares
1.4 Rainbow
1.5 Only God Knows
1.6 Hope
1.7 His Coulours
1.8 Morning Lites
1.9 His Love Never Stops
1.10 Wind
1.11 Patience
1.12 Worthless Worries

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