Billy Bragg & Wilco

Billy Bragg & Wilco: Mermaid Avenue 2

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Mermaid Avenue 2
Label: Nonesuch
Product Type: VINYL LP

Mermaid Avenue Vol. II is a 2000 album of previously unheard lyrics written by American folk singer Woody Guthrie, put to music written and performed by British singer Billy Bragg and American band Wilco. It continues the project originally conceived by Guthrie's daughter, Nora Guthrie which resulted in the release of Mermaid Avenue in 1998. Both volumes were collected in a 2012 box set along with volume three as Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions.

1.1 Airline to Heaven
1.2 My Flying Saucer
1.3 Feed of Man
2.1 Hot Rod Hotel
2.2 I Was Born
2.3 Secret of the Sea
2.4 Stetson Kennedy
3.1 Remember the Mountain Bed
3.2 Blood of the Lamb
3.3 Aginst TH' Law
4.1 All You Fascists
4.2 Joe Dimaggio Done It Again
4.3 Meanest Man
4.4 Black Wind Blowing
4.5 Someday Some Morning Sometime

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