Billy "the Kid" Emerson: Red Hot-The Sun Years

Billy Emerson: Red Hot-The Sun Years
Title: Red Hot-The Sun Years
Label: Bear Family

He learned his keyboard chops as a young man in Florida he learned his showmanship as part of Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm and his singing and songwriting earned him deals with Sun, Vee-Jay and Chess. Here are all his original singles for those plus both sides of his first MAD single and unissued cuts. A 44-page booklet joins 33 tracks: his oft-covered Red Hot and When It Rains It Pours plus the Woodchuck; Satisfied; Hey Little Girl, and more!

1.1 So Young
1.2 Right Behind You Baby
1.3 Why Why Why
1.4 You Made a Hit
1.5 Rockin' Bandit
1.6 Sail Away
1.7 That's All Right
1.8 Rockin' Little Angel
1.9 Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
1.10 Maria Elena
1.11 One Wonderful Love
1.12 It Makes Me Feel Good
1.13 Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
1.14 You Don't Want Me
1.15 Travlin' Salesman
1.16 I Won't Miss You (Til You Go)
1.17 Candy Doll
1.18 Hey Boss Man
1.19 I Want to Be Free
1.20 Forever Yours
1.21 Little Girl
1.22 Two Pennies and a String
1.23 Breakup
1.24 Shake Around
1.25 Willing and Ready
1.26 Life Is the Flower
1.27 Breakup
1.28 I'll Try
1.29 Sail Away
1.30 Rebound
1.31 Baby Just Because
1.32 Little Miss Blue
1.33 Speak Low
1.34 I'll Be Coming Home

Billy "the Kid" Emerson: Red Hot-The Sun Years

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