Billy Goodrum

Billy Goodrum: Weightless

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Artist: Billy Goodrum

Artist: Billy Goodrum
Title: Weightless

This album is a culmination of songs written by Billy Goodrum over an extended period of time, covering a time of great love and great loss in the life of the artist. It was recorded primarily at Real Time Studios in Ojai California by engineer and co-producer Sean Ingoldsby. The new material is fantastic and Billy has written many tunes for feature films and it's nice to see some of them pop up here..... including the bonus tracks which were previously released on CDs that are now out of print. The album feature drummer Mario Calire from the Wallflowers and currently with Ozomatli: Jacob Keller on bass and backing vocals; Jon Button, from Cheryl Crow's band, joins in on bass on the utterly charming song 'The Rest Of Your Life'. Billy's piano, guitar and vocal style are all his own and lend his distinct flavor to these heartfelt songs.

1.1 I'll Stay with You
1.2 Hold on
1.3 One Last Kiss
1.4 Weightless
1.5 The Rest of Your Life
1.6 Finished
1.7 Nerve Up
1.8 Everlasting
1.9 Waiting for the Sun
1.10 Between the Eyes
1.11 We Should Always Be Together
1.12 The Way

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