Billy Joe Royal

Billy Joe Royal: Complete Early Recordings 1961-1966

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Artist: Billy Joe Royal

Artist: Billy Joe Royal
Title: Complete Early Recordings 1961-1966

Anthologizing the formative years of an icon for the first time. Broken into three parts, the collection first tells the story of a pre-fame Royal. His singles for Fairlane, All Wood, Tollie and Player's 1 are included in their original mono single mixes. Part II tells the story of a star's rise to fame: the complete "Down In The Boondocks" album in stereo. Rounding out the package are Billy Joe's Columbia singles, in stereo where possible.

1.1 Never in a Hundred Years
1.2 We Haven't a Moment to Lose
1.3 Dark Glasses
1.4 Perhaps
1.5 Wait for Me Baby
1.6 If It Wasn't for a Woman
1.7 Mama Didn't Raise No Fools
1.8 Get Behind Me Devil
1.9 I'm Specialized
1.10 Really You
1.11 Pollyanna
1.12 Leaning on You
1.13 Heartaches ; Teardrops
1.14 Funny How Time Slips Away
1.15 My Fondest Memories
1.16 Down in the Boondocks
1.17 I Knew You When
1.18 Those Railroad Tracks in Between
1.19 Steal Away
1.20 Oh What a Night
1.21 King of Fools
1.22 I've Got to Be Somebody
1.23 You Make Me Feel Like a Man
1.24 It's a Good Time
1.25 Don't Wait Up for Me Mama
1.26 Heart S Desire
1.27 Deep Inside Me
1.28 Campfire Girls
1.29 Should I Come Back
1.30 Yo Yo
1.31 We Tried

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