Koumantzelis Billy

Koumantzelis Billy: On Lowell Beat: My Times with Jack Kerouac

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Artist: Koumantzelis Billy
Title: On Lowell Beat: My Times with Jack Kerouac

1.1 Meeting Jack Kerouac
1.2 Jack Kerouac at the Housing Project Party
1.3 Jack Kerouac at Nicky's Bar and the Sac Club
1.4 Jack Kerouac and the Koumantzelis Kids
1.5 Housebound Jack Kerouac
1.6 Jack Kerouac Escapes to Belvidere
1.7 Jack Kerouac Disturbing the Peace and in Protective Custody / a Friendly Scuffle
1.8 Jack Kerouac in Trouble at Omar's Pool Hall
1.9 Jack Kerouac Performing Shakespeare on Stage at Nicky's Bar
1.10 Jack Kerouac and Paul Bourgeois
1.11 Jack Kerouac Spends the Night at the Home of Billy Koumantzelis
1.12 Jack Kerouac's Morning Beer Shot
1.13 Jack Kerouac's Fascination
1.14 Jack Kerouac and Mousey at the Sac Club
1.15 Jack Kerouac's Friend and Chaperone: Joe Chaput
1.16 Jack Kerouac's Flying Bottle of Beer
1.17 Jack Kerouac Out Drinking
1.18 Jack Kerouac Singing at Chuck's Bar on Moody Street
1.19 Jack Kerouac at the Celebrity Lounge
1.20 Jack Kerouac's Ten Thousand Dollar Paper Aeroplanes
1.21 Jack Kerouac and King at the Koumantzelis Home: Blood on the Book!
1.22 Jack Kerouac's Kinky Side and Religious Nature
1.23 Jack Kerouac on Firing Line: Introduction
1.24 Jack Kerouac on 'The William Buckley Show': Introduction
1.25 Jack Kerouac's Haircut / the West End Bar / in New York City with Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, Truman Capote, and Ed Sanders
1.26 Jack Kerouac in a New York City Jazz Club and the Black Hooker / Getting Thrown-Out of the Lexington Avenue Restaurant and the Delmonico Hotel / Meeting-Up with William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and Herbert Huncke
1.27 Corrections By Billy Koumantzelis
1.28 Jack Kerouac's Famous Farewell / Shooting Beans at Rochette's Beanery
1.29 Jack Kerouac's Head-Standing Asana / Final Words of Billy Koumantzelis

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