Billy Spence

Billy Spence: Billy Spence

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Artist: Billy Spence

Artist: Billy Spence
Title: Billy Spence

Billy Spence is one of the reasons people in the Philadelphia area went to see a 'live' rock band. His performances were something that stayed with you for a long time. His songwriting skills have grown to be 'crazy' good. This latest CD, self-titled Billy Spence, will have you wondering if there somehow, somewhere could be a 'Fountain of Youth'. Energetic, charismatic, just good rock and roll seems to sum it up nicely. Makes sense for some writers to just keep doing it. This is one of those guys.Check it out and enjoy!

1.1 Good to Know You
1.2 Broken Into Pieces
1.3 Maybe It's You
1.4 Change Myself
1.5 Emotional Girl
1.6 Freak
1.7 Memories of You
1.8 A Better Life
1.9 Hurts Me Loving You
1.10 When I Found You
1.11 Maybe It's You [Dance Remix]

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