Bing Futch

Bing Futch: Dulcimer Rock

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bing Futch

Title: Dulcimer Rock
Label: CD Baby

Bing Futch's latest release is a wild, primal recording that features a selection of tunes ranging from bare-bones mountain dulcimer to wide open hard-rock crunch. An Indian raga ('Raga 111806') opens up the album, followed closely by hypnotic drones and Native American drums swirled together with a lilting melody ('Seminole Solstice.') Bing's expressive tenor is featured on nine songs, including a southern-fried slave-stomp version of 'Run On', the groove-rock churn of 'Casualties of Faith', the hippie-dippy bounce of 'Neon Tiki', the Celtic flavors of 'Unless You Fall', the Tom Petty-esque 'Time Bomb' and his tour-de-force single 'Crazy Feels Like', which was named '2007 Song of the Year' by the Songwriters Showcases of America. The album is rounded out by a swamp country Seminole folk tune ('Big Alligator'), a tribal world music treatment of a traditional holiday favorite ('Auld Lang Syne 2007'), the album's most pumped up, pop-rock track ('Monsters'), a film-score action theme ('The First of April') feauturing e-Bowed dulcimer and a modern version of Robert Force's classic tune, 'Wellyn.' No guitars were used in the recording of these thirteen tracks (except a bass guitar on one song), so all of the various stringed sounds you hear, obvious and otherwise, were created using the mountain dulcimer in various states of amplification. The backing tracks, from drums and handclaps to synth pads and bass were created by Bing with the aforementioned bass guitar contributed by I. Spike. 'Dulcimer Rock' is much more than that - it's a showcase for this wonderful American instrument and the singers/songwriter that favors it.

1.1 Raga 111806
1.2 Seminole Solstice
1.3 Run on
1.4 Crazy Feels Like
1.5 Monsters
1.6 Big Alligator
1.7 Casualties of Faith
1.8 Wellyn
1.9 Neon Tiki
1.10 The First of April
1.11 Unless You Fall
1.12 Time Bomb
1.13 Auld Lang Syne 2007

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