Bishop Saynomore

Bishop Saynomore: Some Glad Morning EP

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Artist: Bishop Saynomore
Title: Some Glad Morning EP

Bishop Saynomore composed this album around a theme of where our World could be headed if we don't act fast. With violent Synthesizers and screaming Guitars, he paints a picture of post apocalyptic destruction. Taking you on a journey through a peaceful setting in the opening songs, things become increasingly chaotic as the album progresses. But, after the darkness there is hope in the morning. You will be taken on an incredible journey with Bishop Saynomore as he takes you through 'Some Glad Morning'.

1.1 Double Journey
1.2 Mountain Missive
1.3 Sub-Division
1.4 Soul Loss
1.5 Family Business
1.6 Some Glad Morning (Interlude)
1.7 Some Glad Morning

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