Bison Machine

Bison Machine: Seas Of Titan

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bison Machine

Title: Seas Of Titan
Label: Small Stone Records

Bison Machine ply their trade in the dank vinyl-smelling basements of Detroit, Michigan, the birthplace of a rock tradition for brashness and all-in physicality to music that the group lovingly upholds. You can tap any number of classic influences you want - Zeppelin, Captain Beyond, MC5, they meld the best of classic heavy rock with a forward-thinking style that is both progressive and intense.

1.1 The Tower
1.2 Knights of the Stars
1.3 Cloak ; Bones
1.4 Echoes in Space
1.5 Seas of Titan
1.6 Star Child
1.7 Electric Eliminator
1.8 A Distant Sun

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