Bitter Liberals

Bitter Liberals: 13

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bitter Liberals

Title: 13
Label: CD Baby

The Bitter Liberals is a brand new collaboration between four longtime local musicians, Allen Kitselman, Mike Jewell, Clark Hansbarger, and Gary McGraw featuring all original music inspired by high-end mixology. Our debut album is '13.'

1.1 Tma Cool
1.2 Half Moon Sky
1.3 Laura Lou
1.4 Time We Wasted
1.5 Fall of the Rice Kingdom
1.6 A Man Needs a Home
1.7 13 Years
1.8 100 Cigarettes
1.9 A Night Like This
1.10 Save Your Life
1.11 When the Night Will Let Me
1.12 Rock and Roll
1.13 Drink

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