Black Albinos

Black Albinos: Play El Cholico

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Black Albinos

Artist: Black Albinos
Title: Play El Cholico

With this fabulous album instrumental guitar group The Black Albinos go back to their roots. Beautiful cover songs (for example Ventures), guitar classics, and newly written songs. Recommended.

1.1 Driving Guitars
1.2 Obsession
1.3 Ghetto Blaster
1.4 Adios
1.5 Rarity Break
1.6 The Sting
1.7 My Prayer
1.8 El Cholico
1.9 Rap City
1.10 Ebony
1.11 Panhandle Rag
1.12 The Wick Wicker Cha Cha
1.13 Caravan
1.14 Rincon
1.15 Innovation
1.16 It's Party Time
1.17 Anitra's Dance
1.18 Rio Bravo
1.19 Walk Don't Run (Live)
1.20 Bolero Gonzales
1.21 Red Cloud
1.22 Spanish Fly
1.23 Pin Up Girl

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