Black Angel

Black Angel: O' Santa Barbara

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Artist: Black Angel

Artist: Black Angel
Title: O' Santa Barbara

O' Santa Barbara followed O' California as the second Black Angel album in this vein. The album features J. C. Martin on lead vocals and guitar. Audrey (Mrs. Ike) Turner sang on two tracks. All tracks were produced by J. C. Martin with help from the late Ben Martin. The album is pure rock 'n' roll with a little touch of country blues.

1.1 Elvis Love Song (Trashy Lingerie)
1.2 Waylon's Song (You Can't Keep a Good Man Down)
1.3 Caffeine
1.4 Take It to the Lord
1.5 Sexual Electricity
1.6 I Never Got Over You
1.7 Whiskeytown
1.8 Honky Tonk Women
1.9 Sex Bomb Girls
1.10 Momma, Please Don't Turn the Lights Out
1.11 Stray Cat Blues
1.12 Brown California Hills
1.13 Callin' All Angels
1.14 I've Been Bad
1.15 Brown Sugar
1.16 Hop, Skip, Crazy Little Jump
1.17 Chemical Man

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