Black Curtain

Black Curtain: Reflections of Fear

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Black Curtain

Title: Reflections of Fear
Label: CD Baby

Formed from the ashes of 90s Phoenix thrash-metal stalwarts Soothsayer, Black Curtain brings together three former members, from different eras of the band, to reignite the fuse that first brought them together some 20 years ago along with an injection of youth behind the drum kit. Combining the old-school influences they had then with the musical journeys, experiences and maturity they've each garnered over the last 20 years, Black Curtain marches ahead into the future to resume their journey and merge new and old fans alike under the banner of the thing that matters most: the music.

1.1 Slave
1.2 Hell to Pay
1.3 Hard to Kill
1.4 Ashes to Ashes

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