Black Kids

Black Kids: Rookie

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Black Kids

Title: Rookie
Label: CD Baby

2017 release, the long-awaited sophomore album by the alt-rock band. Rookie is the follow-up to their 2008 album Partie Traumatic. Says the band: "What took us nine years to release our second record? Much like Odysseus and Co., on our journey to make the difficult second album, shit got rough. A few of us heeded the siren call of 'side projects.' Tumultuous relationships and periods of Imposter Syndrome also impeded progress. Worst of all, we couldn't write a chorus, and for a band that worships The Chorus, this was problematic. The choruses eventually came, and the result is Rookie. Like our 2008 debut, Partie Traumatic, the album is a pastiche of the pop of previous decades. We still genre-hop, we still make grotesque, saccharine hybrids. We're still beholden, religiously, to the form and structure of The Pop Song."

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