Black Lips

Black Lips: 200 Million Thousand

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Artist: Black Lips

Artist: Black Lips
Title: 200 Million Thousand

2009 release from the Garage Rock veterans, the Black Lips will following up the widely successful Good Bad Not Evil with the release of 200 Million Thousand. Simple, straightforward songwriting mesh perfectly with the Black Lips distinctive howl to create a time capsule rife with nods to simple pleasures and a world of worry. In essence, the perfect Rock 'N' Roll album!

1.1 Take My Heart
1.2 Drugs
1.3 Starting Over
1.4 Let It Grow
1.5 Trapped in a Basement
1.6 Short Fuse
1.7 I'll Be with You
1.8 Big Black Baby Jesus of Today
1.9 Again ; Again
1.10 Old Man
1.11 The Drop I Hold
1.12 Body Combat
1.13 Elijah
1.14 I Saw God
1.15 [Untitled]

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