Black Pearl

Black Pearl: Living in America

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Black Pearl

Title: Living in America
Label: CD Baby

Artist Information Biography Images of mystery, excitement, adventure, intrique, and imagination all come to mind when merely mentioning the name 'Black Pearl'. Inspired by the pirate ship depicted in Disney's 'Pirates of the Carribean', Black Pearl's music exemplifies these images. Founded in 2007 by drummer/songwriter 'Eric Stevens', 'Black Pearl' is a spin-off of the Inland Empire's local classsic rockers, 'Daisycutter'. Discouraged by poor management and even poorer attitudes, Eric created 'Black Pearl' with the intent of presenting a true classic rock show with great tunes and stimulating live performances. With the addition of long time friend and songwriter, Zach Petersen, Eric and Zach have combined writing and arranging to create some truly inspiring and original sounding 'classic rock'. The rhythms and melodies are inspired by the best names in the business such as the Beatles, Van Halen, Rush, Pink Floyd, Genesis, and the Who. The musicianship is second to none, since 'Daisycutter was once the hottest rock band in the Inland Empire. Currently, 'Black Pearl' is hard at work finishing their 1st full length CD in their Pro Tools studio and are seeking radio play under the direction of Howard Rosen Promotions. Instrumentation Jay St. Patrick - Lead and Backing Vocals Albert Montana - Lead & Backup Vocals Zach Petersen - Electric and acoustic guitars Scott Kessler - 4 and 5 String Basses Eric Stevens - Drums, Piano, Percussion, Organ, Orchestral Arrangements.

1.1 Waking in America
1.2 This Bad Wheel
1.3 We Come to Rock
1.4 I Won't Wait Forever
1.5 Do You Remember?
1.6 Living in America
1.7 On the Road Again
1.8 Another Lonely Night
1.9 I Am
1.10 Someone Needs Me Tonight
1.11 Rain
1.12 Mothers Song

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