Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Remastered][Bonus Tracks]

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Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Title: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Remastered][Bonus Tracks]

2008 expanded edition of the Alt-Rock trio's debut album now featuring four bonus tracks: 'At My Door' (B-side of 'Love Burns'), 'Screaming Gun' (from 'Love Burns' CD single), 'Tonight's with You and Loaded Gun (both from 'Spread Your Love' single). The seeds of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - or B.R.M.C for short - were sewn back in 1995, when bassist Robert Turner and guitarist Peter Hayes met at high school in their hometown of San Francisco. They shared a love of early-'90s Alternative UK bands like Ride and the Stone Roses and, notably, the group which first put the Creation label on the map, the Jesus & Mary Chain. By 1998, both having played separately in various bands, they teamed up, adding drummer Nick Jago. 15 tracks. EMI.

1.1 Love Burns
1.2 Red Eyes and Tears
1.3 Whatever Happened to My Rock 'N' Roll (Punk Song)
1.4 Awake
1.5 White Palms
1.6 As Sure As the Sun
1.7 Take My Time/Rifles
1.8 Too Real
1.9 Spread Your Love
1.10 Head Up High
1.11 Salvation
1.12 At My Door - B-Side to 'Love Burns' 7" Single
1.13 Screaming Gun - from 'Love Burns' CD Single
1.14 Tonight's with You - from 'Spread Your Love' 7" and CD Single
1.15 Loaded Gun - from 'Spread Your Love' CD Single

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