Black Swan Lane: Last Time in Your Light

Black Swan Lane: Last Time in Your Light
Title: Last Time in Your Light
Label: CD Baby

The newest Black Swan Lane album has arrived. The Last Time In Your Light was recorded and mixed over a period of a year and a half and is the fifth release from these progressive indie rockers. The album dives deep into the waters of human experience and pulls listeners along on a melodic aural journey full of emotion, introspection and fundamental questions about life and happiness. Other themes delineate near death experiences and questions of the existence of a higher power. The seriousness and raw emotion as well as the up and down flow of the sequence of songs was intentional. Famed studio engineer, Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins, Sixpence None The Richer, Grant Lee Buffalo, Jerry Cantrell, Soul Asylum and more), mixed this release in addition to the last two BLACK SWAN LANE releases. Donn Aaron, formerly of Atlanta's popular Glen Schick Mastering, mastered the album in late March 2013. Black Swan Lane has been accused of 'sharing the DNA of the English acts that came before -- Joy Division and Jesus and Mary Chain, the Smiths and most notably, Chameleons UK' with 'an American muscularity that adds a welcome dimension to the songs.' (Steven Uhles, The Augusta Chronicle). Paul Pledger (allgigs. Co.UK) offers 'one of UK's most unsung but greatest live bands to ever weild guitars and sing songs, are Black Swan Lane'. Also, 'this is reflective music that demands contemplative respect' and, Black Swan Lane's fourth album [Staring Down the Path of Sound] deserves to be coveted with repeated plays and radio-playlisting.' From [sic] Magazine, 'Jack Sobel's vocal is hypnotic' and 'Reviewing BSL is like explaining magic. Do people really want that? This is music. You feel it. It doesn't need to be explained away. I could mention The Smiths (again) but it isn't even quite that. The music of BSL is like Hatful Of Hollow. Fans of The Smiths from the very beginning will know exactly what I mean. That record bundled sessions, b-sides and more acoustic led versions and yet it surpassed the studio albums The Smiths and Meat Is Murder in the hearts and minds of the true fans. That, for me, summarises BSL more than any analytical deconstruction ever could.' From the Big Take-Over - Black Swan Lane 'created the most Manchester-sounding album of 2010' (Things You Know and Love).

1.1 Relax and Breathe
1.2 Stranger
1.3 Home
1.4 Savior
1.5 Malpelo
1.6 Slide Off the End
1.7 Without Your Hands to Hold
1.8 Make Me Your Song
1.9 The Cage
1.10 Lord, Please Show Me Why
1.11 Leave
1.12 This Precious Life

Black Swan Lane: Last Time in Your Light

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