Black Uhuru

Black Uhuru: Party in Session: Black Uhuru Collection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Black Uhuru

Artist: Black Uhuru
Title: Party in Session: Black Uhuru Collection

Two CD collection from the legendary Reggae trio that features hits and album tracks alongside a handful of rare remixes and live cuts. Party in Session is the finest Black Uhuru collection on the market, with 32 absolute classics including 'Shine Eye Gal', 'Sodom', 'Sponji Reggae' (Disco Mix), 'Bull in the Pen', 'Try It' (Original Jamaican Mix) and many more herb-fuelled classics. Universal.

1.1 Shine Eye Gal
1.2 Puffed Out
1.3 Back Breaker
1.4 Sodom
1.5 Slaughter
1.6 Big Spliff
1.7 What Is Life
1.8 Bull in the Pen
1.9 Somebody's Watching You
1.10 Black Uhuru Anthem
1.11 Solidarity
1.12 Try It Original Jamaican Mix
1.13 Party in Session 12" Version
1.14 Mondays/Killer Tuesdays
1.15 Sponji Reggae Disco Mix
1.16 Appiness
1.17 World Is Africa
1.18 There Is Fire
1.19 Sensemilla
1.20 Vampire
1.21 Youth of Eglington
1.22 Puff She Puff
1.23 Utterance
1.24 Chill Out
1.25 Fleety Foot
1.26 Eye Market
1.27 Wicked Act
1.28 Darkness
1.29 Emotional Slaughter
1.30 Leaving for Zion Live
1.31 I Love King Selassie Live
1.32 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Live

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