Black Valentine: World Gone Wrong

Black Valentine: World Gone Wrong
Title: World Gone Wrong
Label: CD Baby

Drenched in attitude, the 13 Tracks on Black Valentine's Debut Album World Gone Wrong inject what has been missing in Todays Rock Music. Emotions on the Record range from Aggression and Anger to Hurt and Pain to Sorrow and Loss to Frustration and discontent from Political, Economic, and Religious Corruption. Each Track literally screams what most of us have felt and thought- wrapped up in perfectly accessible and catchy Songs delivered with exceptional Musicianship. The Songwriting is direct, crisp, and Creative. The Production Standards are well beyond what you'd expect from a Major Label Release, let alone something Independently Recorded and Released. The Attitudes from these Songs are brought to an even higher level thru their incredible Live Performances. And Black Valentine is just getting started. Though their Debut Album has just been Released, the Band already has it's eyes set on their next Recordings. Black Valentine is not a Band to be missed. They are the Real Deal.

1.1 World Gone Wrong
1.2 Get What You Give
1.3 Salvation Game
1.4 Enemy
1.5 Happy (When You're Gone)
1.6 Sands of Time
1.7 Masquerade
1.8 I Still Want You
1.9 Fallen Angel
1.10 Black Valentine
1.11 Shine
1.12 Breathe
1.13 Crash

Black Valentine: World Gone Wrong

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