Blackie & the Rodeo Kings: Let's Frolic

Blackie & the Rodeo Kings: Let&
Title: Let's Frolic
Label: True North

"Let's Frolic" features stellar yet soulful playing, superb songwriting and heartfelt vocals. "House of Soul" is a Daniel Lanois penned song which he handed over to the band one request, which was to make him cry. Reports are that he was brought to tears when he heard it. The band got an assist on the Hi Records inspired "I Give It Up Everyday" from the Memphis Horns' Wayne Jackson. This past winter Blackie & the Rodeo Kings toured the UK and appeared on Germany's largest roots television program "Crossroads." Digipak.

1.1 Silver Dreams
1.2 House of Soul
1.3 Let's Frolic
1.4 Lovin' Cup
1.5 I Give It Up Everyday
1.6 Crown of Thorns
1.7 Heaven for a Lonely Man
1.8 That's What I Like
1.9 Fools Who Can't Forget
1.10 Life Is Golden
1.11 Buried in My Heart
1.12 October Lies
1.13 Under the Rain
1.14 Into the Grey

Blackie & the Rodeo Kings: Let's Frolic

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