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Blackwood Company: Forbidden Fruit

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Title: Forbidden Fruit
Label: CD Baby

Personnel: Stephen 'Sven' Shirl - guitar, keyboard, vocals, drums on 'Chariot' John Stuart - guitar, bass, ukulele, harmonica, didgeridoo, vocals Dan Hassay - drums and percussion Mary Noel - additional vocals on 'Trucker Song' Recorded by Dan Hassay at Hound Dawg Studio ( in Katy, TX, 2007-2008. A portion of the proceeds from the album will be donated to the Wesley Community Center (, a Houston-based non-profit organization. Our history... Stephen 'Sven' Shirl was born and raised in Lower London, the bastard child of a French duchess and a smooth-talking chimney sweep. The day before his eighth birthday, he encountered a sleeping Gypsy from whom he stole a guitar. Finding his mother's royal pretension stifling and his father's occupation 'downright gloomy,' Sven decided to master the guitar and reclaim his destiny abroad. Born of clowns, John Stuart grew up among nomadic circus folk in and around the Midwest. Although he was determined to become the 'best damned trapeze artist since Jules Léotard,' he fell tragically in love with a pair of Bulgarian conjoined sisters named Georgia and Estonia. Unable to choose between them, he fled with barely more than a packed lunch, his signature derby hat, and a harmonica in the key of Bb. After wandering aimlessly in search of 'the scene,' Sven and John met at a Nickelback concert and eventually formed a pop band.

1.1 Indie Blues, Pt. 1
1.2 Trucker Song
1.3 Man of God
1.4 Mexico
1.5 Diane Lane
1.6 The Crossroads
1.7 When the Bees Go
1.8 Reverend Phelps
1.9 Chariot
1.10 Boxed Wino
1.11 Tiempo!
1.12 Lament for a Lonely Woman
1.13 Goodbye

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