Blake: Blake

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Artist: Blake

Artist: Blake
Title: Blake

Blake and her music embody the heart and soul of yin and yang. As defined in the meaning and origin of her name - "dark and bright" - Blake uses her sound and look to prove that opposites attract and unify to create a balanced whole. Through the combination of smooth, melodic vocals and edgy lyrics with attitude, we hear her layered complexity. Blake's musical appeal also relies on both live instrumentation and digitally-produced sounds, which together showcase the multi-dimensional composition of her music. While you find yourself dancing to her music, you'll also relate to her lyrics. Blake's lyrics embrace the pressures we encounter as we evolve, grow and strive to find balance among conflicting forces. The songs weave through life narratives that many of us experience: dealing with the loss of a relationship, wanting to escape, demanding respect as a woman, and accepting love when it is present. Blake's complexity occupies a unique space in a world constantly supporting a simplicity that falls short of insight. Blake is inspired by the ways the pop/electro genre reflects the digital age in it's innovation, exploration, and discovery. Though she creates in the pop/electro genre, Blake has been impacted by a number of musical influences. She grew up dancing to the Pointer Sisters and Whitney Houston, and listened to a mix of musicians from her parents' baby boomer generation. This resulted in deep appreciation for a wide range of music and a better understanding of her own songwriting. Although unique in her approach to creating music, Blake is a vet to the music scene. She has performed in venues across Manhattan, including the Lower East Side and Greenwich Village. She spent time working for a mainstream music management company, learning all aspects of the music business. Blake's self-titled EP, her breakthrough debut, is a mix of pop/electro songs that capture her unique integration of edgy and smooth, yin and yang. The EP was produced at Eusonia Studios by Alex Bilowitz, whose work has appeared on Grammy-nominated recordings and garnered countless domestic and international sales.

1.1 Parasite
1.2 I Know
1.3 Choose to Lose
1.4 Creepin'
1.5 One Right

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