Blake Jones: Theremins of Mystery

Blake Jones: Theremins of Mystery
Title: Theremins of Mystery
Label: CD Baby

....'yeah.....but what kind of music do you play?' A broad landscape of mad-scientist pop presented in the context of twelve captivating instrumental miniatures: from 50's sci-fi to Esquivel-like lounge, from Brian Wilson-tinged pop to an adaptation of a Vivaldi favorite. Take this CD home with you and let the theremins, toy pianos, and assorted other oddities invade your home. Blake Jones, leader of California's avant-pop band Blake Jones & the Trike Shop, has stepped out on his own to deliver you this collection of music that is as diverse as the people and places that have chimed in with enthusiastic reviews of Jones' music: from "Cool and Strange Music Magazine" "clean, orderly and unabashed pop ...of the highest optimism. From Indipop. It: (forgive the rough web-translation from Italian) The ancestors do not deviate dall'abitudinario: 'Sixties pop music,'50s science fiction and maybe even a little dash of vocal music ..' qualche strumento bizzarro o perlomeno inconsueto come theremin e Vox. Some bizarre instrument, or at least unusual as theremin and Vox. L'ironia appare sovente nell'operazione senza esser mai stucchevole o programmata a tavolino; ne giova l'equilibrio dell'album risultando davvero esemplare. The irony appears in the often without ever being cloying or planned to table, it is worth the balance of your being truly exemplary. From Smother Magazine: ...catchy harmonies and intriguing pop hooks. Layering buckets of vocal harmonies seems to be the new smart thing to do in the underground but many bands don't do it quite as clever. The album feels very Brian Wilson with an early '60's pop-rock flavor that lasts well into the heart of the album. But perhaps what makes it even more like something from Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson is it's inventive use of instrumentation with a shopping list of instruments including toy pianos, organ, theremin, as well as the usual suspects.

1.1 Astronauts in Trouble
1.2 Summer
1.3 Music to Change Clothes By
1.4 If Hawthorne Were Foggy
1.5 Frippernesia
1.6 Dark Sea Slide
1.7 Lemon Pie Mardi Gras
1.8 Baba Dance
1.9 Under Halloween Leaves
1.10 Concerto in D, Movement II
1.11 2 Minute Horror Movie
1.12 Overture

Blake Jones: Theremins of Mystery

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