Blake Luquette

Blake Luquette: Anything Can Happen

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Blake Luquette

Title: Anything Can Happen
Label: CD Baby

Blake Biography Could it be in the water, or maybe in the air? No one can really say, but South Louisiana seems to produce some of the finest recording artists. To date, greats like Sammy Kershaw, Trace Adkins, and River Road are just a few to come out of Acadiana! On September 9th, 1981, Blake Luquette, was born in Lafayette, La. to Johnny and Cindy Luquette. At age 17, Blake released his first album. Blake, now 18, says he grew up listening to legends such as George Strait, Hank Williams Sr. and Hank Jr., George Jones, Sammy Kershaw, Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Ray Vaugne, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Segar and Charlie Daniels'. Being a Country Music Recording Artist himself he says, 'I feel I have developed my own unique style of music to offer the Country Music fans and the industry?. As you can see from the list above, Blake listens not only to Country Music, but a variety of different artist with their own individual talents. He states 'I remember watching Sammy Kershaw perform at local fairs and festivals here in South Louisiana. I was only about 10 years old'. By the time he was 13, he had stood on the same stages and at festivals where Sammy Kershaw performed. Blake expresses that 'It felt good to entertain and it was an honor to follow in the footsteps of one of Country Music's greatest recording artist'. It wasn't until he saw George Strait in concert that his true ambitions got to rolling. 'I was only 12 years old when I first saw George Strait in concert', he recalls. At this concert is when Blake decided that singing and performing like his mentor was his career goal. Blake made his first real step toward his dream when after Mr. Strait's concert he asked his Dad and Mom to buy him a guitar. 'They bought me one and from that day my life began on a journey', Blake remembers. After Five years of playing festivals, clubs, bars, and private parties, a few record labels started getting in touch with him. Eddy Deloney, the owner of Ralph Records, was the first to give him a call. Blake says, 'He asked me to sing to him over the phone. I was shaking in my boots to say the least. My dreams of a career was being tested over the telephone. I grabbed the first page of sheet music I could find'. It was 'Danny's Song' by Kenny Loggins. He began to sing a verse and chorus of the song into the phone. Mr. Deloney stopped him and ask, 'When would it be the best time to bring over your proposed contract'. It was the words Blake had waited to hear for a long time! After reviewing the contract for nearly 2 months, Blake agreed to sign with Ralph Records and began work on his first album, 'What If'. In late August, 'What If' was completed and released. 'I'm very happy with the recording', he says. Blake gives his audience a variety of music and that true Country sound. Blake can't wait to jump back into the studio and begin work on a second album! He shares, 'I am now working on writing some new songs'. At present Blake continues promoting 'What If' and working hard to entertain his audiences with a new, bright, original country sound.

1.1 Anything Can Happen
1.2 You Proved Me Wrong
1.3 Who Ever Made Those Rules
1.4 That Ain't Country
1.5 That's the Truth
1.6 All Night Long
1.7 You're the One
1.8 Bayou Sunrise
1.9 My My My
1.10 Anything at All
1.11 Pack Your Bags
1.12 Broken Rules

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