Blake Sanden

Blake Sanden: My Love Notes to You

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Blake Sanden

Title: My Love Notes to You
Label: CD Baby

This is Blake Sanden's 3rd album with hits like' We Belong Together', 'Let's Hook Up Tonight', 'Out of Order', 'I Got Problems'. Guys, his love lyrics will put your women in the mood to go down on you. His word play on the hip hop song will remind you of one of the greatest rappers of all time Eminem. The music is produced by veteran producer Kingbeats. Blake discovered a new talent in RJ Drebing who sings on a few songs on the album. This is by far Blake's best album. His music gets better and better as the years go on and even his older albums still to this day are fresh and intriguing. If you want to experience some fun music get this album. You will listen to it over and over again.

1.1 You Know I Love You
1.2 We Belong Together
1.3 Let's Hook Up Tonight
1.4 L.D.R
1.5 Stuck on You
1.6 Play That Game
1.7 Stay with Me
1.8 Top Ten Gurl
1.9 The Perfect Match
1.10 You ; Me
1.11 C U 1 More Time Baby
1.12 100th (Radio Interview)
1.13 Get Down
1.14 I Got Problems
1.15 Out of Order
1.16 What You Don't Know
1.17 Funk Up Side Ya Head
1.18 Let's Get It on
1.19 Paradise (Radio Interview)

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