Blanco, Mykki

Blanco, Mykki: Mykki Blanco Presents Gay Dog Food

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Artist: Blanco, Mykki

Artist: Blanco, Mykki
Title: Mykki Blanco Presents Gay Dog Food
Product Type: CASSETTES

Mykki Blanco's new mixtape, Gay Dog Food, is here. The first release from the rapper and performance artist since 2013's excellent Betty Rubble: The Initiation (one of our Hidden Treasures 2013) features guest spots from Kathleen Hanna and Cities Aviv, among others. The lineup of producers includes Sasha DZA, Supreme Cuts and executive producer Gobby, a mainstay at Mykki's label home, UNO NYC.

1.1 Runny Mascara (Explicit)
1.2 New Feelings (Explicit)
1.3 For the Homey's (Explicit)
1.4 Baby's Got Big Plans (Explicit)
1.5 Self Destruction (Explicit)
1.6 Fulani (Feat Ian Isiah) (Explicit)
1.7 A Minute with Cakes (Feat Cakes Da Killa) (Explicit)
1.8 Moshin in the Front (Feat Cities Aviv)(Explicit)
1.9 Something Special (Feat (Explicit)
1.10 A Moment with Kathleen (Feat Kathleen Hanna) (Explicit)
1.11 Cyber Dog (Explicit)
1.12 Lukas (Feat No Bra) (Explicit)
1.13 GDF Interlude (Explicit)

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