Blaze: House Masters: Blaze

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Artist: Blaze

Artist: Blaze
Title: House Masters: Blaze

Here is the definitive Blaze collection: A cherry picked selection of some of their finest original productions, remixes and work remixed. Straying away the obvious big hits and names, this is one compilation intended for the heads, the fans, the purists - house music lovers whose passion is more on the soulful and spiritual side.

1.1 Do You Remember House
1.2 Funky People
1.3 Breathe
1.4 Reachin'
1.5 Can't Win for Losin'
1.6 The Garden
1.7 My Desire
1.8 My Beat
1.9 Wishing You Were Here
1.10 How Deep Is Your Love [Edit]
2.1 Fantasy
2.2 My Beat
2.3 So Special
2.4 Keeping My Mind
2.5 Elevation
2.6 4 the Love of You
2.7 If You Should Need a Friend
2.8 Walk
2.9 When I Fall in Love
2.10 Most Precious Love

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