Blodwyn Pig

Blodwyn Pig: Basement Tapes

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Artist: Blodwyn Pig

Artist: Blodwyn Pig
Title: Basement Tapes

2014 comp of radio sessions & live material recorded from 1969 to 1974, as well as two bonus tracks recorded in 1996. Previously unreleased BBC recordings from the former Jethro Tull guitarist's band. 13 songs.

1.1 The Modern Alchemist
1.2 Mr. Green's Blues
1.3 It's Only Love
1.4 See My Way
1.5 Blues of a Dunstable Truck Driving Man
1.6 Baby Girl
1.7 The Learning Song
1.8 I Know, It's Only Love (Live)
1.9 See My Way (Live)
1.10 Blues of a Dunstable Truck Driving Man (Live)
1.11 Hound Dog
1.12 Drive Me

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