Blood & Brutality

Blood & Brutality: Blood & the Brutality

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Product Type: CD

Title: Blood & the Brutality
Label: CD Baby

This is a rehearsal recording that ended up sounding more like a live album. It contains the performances of songs from previous recorded titles in a more live and 'brutal' form. It truly is the official unofficial live album. This is also the first professionally printed album from the band.

1.1 Brutal Assault
1.2 Amidst the Darkness/Straining to See
1.3 Punishment
1.4 Drumming
1.5 Into the Emptiness
1.6 Wasting Away
1.7 Persevere
1.8 Manipulation
1.9 Drumming
1.10 Betrayal
1.11 Regret
1.12 Spread the Lies

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