Bloodstone: Party (Remastered Edition)

Bloodstone: Party (Remastered Edition)
Title: Party (Remastered Edition)
Label: Funky Town Grooves

Digitally remastered edition. 1984 album from the R&B/soul outfit. Bloodstone was a key group in creating the shift from the R&B and soul group concepts of the '50s and '60s to the funk and black rock ideas of the '70s and afterward. This was the last major release from Bloodstone and with it saw a change in style, Tight production comes courtesy of McKinley Jackson and the album is a mix of foot slamming groovers, mid-tempo tappers and the trade mark Bloodstone ballads, the album sits perfectly alongside other mid '80s releases and all the boogie lovers will appreciate the fantastic production and the distinct vocal style that Bloodstone bring to the table.

1.1 Bloodstone's Party
1.2 Feel the Heat
1.3 Contagious
1.4 Men Need Tenderness Too
1.5 Instant Love
1.6 It Feels So Good (With You)
1.7 I Adore You
1.8 Why Be the First One Home

Bloodstone: Party (Remastered Edition)

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