Blue Giant

Blue Giant: Blue Giant

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Blue Giant

Title: Blue Giant
Label: Vanguard Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

The group's self-titled debut confirms their fine vocals and guitar work are the heart and soul of this music, but their similarly talented accompanists have allowed them to add more space and color to their music and still keep this fusion of country twang, pop melodies, and rock & roll attitude sounding fresh and spontaneous. Anita's fierce electric leads, Kevin's rock-solid acoustic work, and Funk's steel are a winning combination, generating a high lonesome vibe that firmly underscores the country leanings of the songs, while Lorinczi and Railton put a healthy swing into the rhythms, and even while this group is indulging in their rootsy influences, they generate enough sweat to keep the rockers in the audience interested. And between the rollicking "Blue Sunshine," the weepy loneliness of "Target Heart," the pure pop of "Wesley," the gentle folk-rock of "Lonely Girl," and the rock & roll pomp of "The Game," this album leaves no doubt that the Robinsons know how to write fine songs and make them come alive with their new combo.

1.1 Clean the Clock
1.2 Blue Sunshine
1.3 Wesley
1.4 Lonely Girl
1.5 Target Heart
1.6 When Will the Sun Shine
1.7 Go on
1.8 Run Rabbit Run
1.9 Gone for Good
1.10 The Game
1.11 The Void Above the Sky
1.12 Reasons to Cry

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