Blue Hwy

Blue Hwy: Carpe Diem: Live at Coach House

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Artist: Blue Hwy

Artist: Blue Hwy
Title: Carpe Diem: Live at Coach House

Rob Donofrio - vocals, bass 'King' Roger Ehrnman - tenor saxophone Rick Campos - drums John Harrelson - vocals, guitar From the liner notes: In any art, spontanaeity is very difficult to master. In fact, it's very possible that it can't be mastered, but only refined. Most artists in any medium spend days, weeks, months, and years working on something that they might hopefully call "beautiful" in the end. This has never been the case with Blue Hwy, and it still holds true on Carpe Diem This album has a beauty that is far from contrived. The entire recording was directly lifted from the soundboard of a set the band played over a decade ago, when they were, for lack of a better phrase, in their prime. From the first downbeat through the very end, Blue Hwy's musical force is explosive. The rhythm section locks into a groove and never let's it slip away, the sax tastefully fills in the empty space, and guitar constantly weaves from supporting rhythmic chords to risky improvisations. Donofrio and Harrelson's vocals are somehow complimentary and distinctively different, but they both deliver with soul that is honest and engaged. For anyone who may not have enjoyed Blue Hwy's studio work, this album fully exposes the raw energy and musical skill that overfilled the room of every gig. Carpe Diem is exactly that: A day (rather, a night) that was able to literally be seized. Every moment on this album shines through exactly how it did that night. There were no second takes, no overdubs, and no studios Everything about this album, from the solos to the actual production almost 15 years later, was spontaneous and couldn't be done more beautifully. Carpe Diem is a clear audio snapshot of the band and the raw power they produce. - Rosco James.

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