Blue Stone

Blue Stone: Pandora's Box

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Artist: Blue Stone

Artist: Blue Stone
Title: Pandora's Box

PANDORAS BOX is Blue Stones first completely instrumental outing, and was approached more as a soundtrack or score than a proper electronic/pop album. Influences are clear on this outing-Pink Floyd, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, William Orbit, Tangerine Dream and Jan Hammer all show up in sonic micro-blasts that remind you of their genius. PANDORAS BOX opens a world of sound for lovers of ethno-electronic, dream pop, and instrumental music.

1.1 Innocence
1.2 Mischief
1.3 Seduction
1.4 Epimetheus
1.5 Curiosity
1.6 Darkened Rooms
1.7 Who Are You
1.8 The Journey
1.9 Stolen Light
1.10 Shattered
1.11 Hope

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