Blue Stone

Blue Stone: Worlds Apart Remixed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Blue Stone

Artist: Blue Stone
Title: Worlds Apart Remixed

Blue Stone has catapulted to the forefront of electronic-pop with two critically acclaimed albums in tow years. Not wasting any time, Blue Stone has built a massive collection of music and continue to push the envelope with new productions. They live for their music - constantly recording, improvising and jamming to breathe new life into their work. WORLDS APART REMIXED follows Blue Stone down the rabbit hole - exploring alternative versions that deviate from what would be expected from the group.

1.1 Dreamcatcher
1.2 Worlds Apart
1.3 Event Horizon
1.4 Waters Flow
1.5 Adrift
1.6 Worlds Apart
1.7 Faraway
1.8 Tears
1.9 Worlds Apart
1.10 Circles
1.11 Tears Are Falling
1.12 Event Horizon

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