Blue Vinyl Lounge

Blue Vinyl Lounge: Invisible Girl

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Blue Vinyl Lounge
Title: Invisible Girl

A meeting of spacious cool with funk energy and passion - producing a smooth cocktail of sound mixing acid edged instrumental grooves with dynamic vocal stylings and harnessing rich underlying rhythmic and harmonic stucture to achieve an overall impression of simplicity. A blend of experience and freshness - band members bringing the experience of many genres (r&b, indie, alternative, latin, jazz, classical) into a new and contemporary arena of music. Now the full CD release of the hugely popular mp3 tracks.

1.1 Foregone Conclusions
1.2 Invisible Girl
1.3 Taste of Honey
1.4 Blink
1.5 Simple
1.6 Promenade Sentimentale I
1.7 Promenade Sentimentale II
1.8 Starter Kit

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