Blueheels: Weather Machine

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Artist: Blueheels

Artist: Blueheels
Title: Weather Machine

Weather Machine [is] a blend of modern rock and contemporary indie music. The guitar drums are powerful and the guitar is heavy with a good layer of distortion, but the vocals are why some would place the band next to indie groups such as Arcade Fire or Avi Buffalo. Upon listening to the first song, I was struck by the unique vocals of Robby Schiller, which turns the music into something that is recognizably Blueheels ... Coupled with the fact that Schiller's voice is deliciously nasal, the vocals are different than any I have heard in a long while. Nasal may sound like a negative word, but I assure you that it isn't. It is a refreshing choice. Honestly, it is often Schiller's voice that draws listeners into the music. --Jonk Music.

1.1 Waiting on Words
1.2 Don't Wake Them
1.3 My Dog Is Dead
1.4 Kitty Cat
1.5 Desert Waltz
1.6 Landmines
1.7 Almost There
1.8 In Chorus
1.9 Slippery Stones
1.10 Fine Without Us

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